This guide will walk you through the process of installing the Discord Game SDK integration for Unreal Engine.

Installing the plugin

From itch.io

You can purchase and download the Discord Game SDK for Unreal Engine from the itch.io page.

Download from itch.io

Once you've purchased a license through that page, download the ZIP file appropriate for your Unreal Engine version.

Extract the ZIP file such that <your project>\Plugins\DiscordInstaller\DiscordInstaller.uplugin exists on disk. Then, launch the Unreal Engine editor.

From source code

If you have source code access for the Discord plugin, you can clone the Git repository or add it as a submodule. If you don't have source code access, but you've purchased a license on the itch.io, reach out to support on Discord to get access.

If your Unreal Engine project is in a Git repository, add it as a submodule like so:

git submodule add https://gitlab.com/redpointgames/discord-integration Plugins/DiscordInstaller

Alternatively you can download a ZIP from the GitLab page and manually copy it into your project under the Plugins/DiscordInstaller folder. Do not put it in a directory called Plugins/Discord. This directory will be overwritten when installation is complete.

Once you have installed the installer in the correct location, run the following command inside the Plugins/DiscordInstaller directory to generate the package for installation.

powershell .\BuildScripts\Build.ps1 -PackageOnly

Download the Discord Game SDK

We are not permitted to redistributed the Discord Game SDK with the plugin, so you will need to download it from the Discord Developer Documentation.

Download the Discord Game SDK (version 2.5.6)


You must download version 2.5.6 of the Discord Game SDK using the link above. The latest version of the SDK linked on the Discord website has breaking changes and is not compatible with the Unreal Engine integration.

Finishing the installation

Open your project in the Unreal Editor, and navigate to Settings -> Setup Discord SDK and click it:

Select the Setup Discord SDK under Settings

This should bring up a window that looks like this:

Click Select Downloaded ZIP and Install

Click on Select Downloaded ZIP and Install, and provide it the discord_game_sdk.zip you just downloaded from the Discord website.

The plugin will now compile the plugin and finish installation. This might take some time depending on how fast your computer is.

Configuring the SDK

Once the editor has restarted, open Project Settings and under Game -> Discord Game SDK, set the application ID you have received in the Discord Developer Portal:

Set your Application ID

Enable networking

To enable Discord peer-to-peer networking and the Online Subsystem, add the following to DefaultEngine.ini:


Then restart the editor.