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EOS Online Subsystem

Epic Online Services integration for Unreal Engine.

Use Epic Online Services in Unreal Engine! With support for authentication, friends, sessions, parties, presence, stats, achievements, leaderboards, Player Data Storage, Title Storage and peer-to-peer networking, this plugin has what you need to build games on top of EOS.

It supports neat features, like showing a unified friends list of friends from both the native platform and Epic. It allows you to seamlessly invite friends to parties from other platforms like Steam, and it fully supports play-in-editor so you don't need to set up multiple machines to do your testing on.

Authentication is handled for you. You don't need to deal with account linking or creation, and you don't need to build user interfaces to support the Epic Online Services login flow. Just call AutoLogin and you're done.

If you're a developer earning less than $30k USD/yr, a Free edition is available. Check the website to see if the Free edition is right for you.

If you need blueprint support, check out Online Subsystem Blueprints. EOS Online Subsystem only provides C++ support by default, so if you need blueprint support, you will need to buy OSB as an additional purchase.

Purchasing the EOS Online Subsystem plugin entitles you to source code access and support. Upload your receipt to the License Manager to access support and source code.

Marketplace Edition

  • βœ…$119 USD on the marketplace
  • βœ…Available to all
  • βœ…All plugin features
  • βœ…Console platforms
  • βœ…Source code access
  • βœ…Support

Free Edition

  • βœ…Free download
  • πŸ”’Must earn < $30k USD/yr
  • βœ…All plugin features
  • ❌Console platforms
  • ❌Source code access
  • ❌Support

Play-in-editor support

  • Supports multiple play-in-editor instances.
  • Test parties, invites, networking, all from within the editor.
  • No need to set up multiple machines to test your online functionality!

Built-in authentication

  • Built-in authentication flows, so you don't have to build them yourself.
  • Choose between EAS-required, EAS-optional and no-EAS modes.
  • Device ID authentication for anonymous logins.
  • Supports persistent EAS authentication.
  • Supports interactive authentication.
  • Supports Steam authentication by default, and you can easily add more platforms.
  • Just call AutoLogin and it’s all done for you!

Built-in prompts

  • Built-in user interfaces for linking and signing into accounts.
  • Don't worry about the complexities of authentication again!
  • Customize them in UMG!

Unified friends lists

  • Unified friends lists across Epic, Steam, Discord etc.
  • Works for any platform that has an existing online subsystem.
  • Friends who have their Epic account linked to the platform (e.g. Steam) appear as a single entry.
  • Show which platform a friend is from through the SubsystemName metadata.

Cross-platform invites

  • Send party invites to friends on Epic.
  • Send party invites to friends on Steam and other supported subsystems.
  • Seamless party join across platforms.
  • Players can join into an EOS party from Steam.

Multiplayer & sessions

  • Peer-to-peer multiplayer.
  • Dedicated server support.
  • Create, find and join sessions on EOS.

Example project

Example C++ project demonstrating all features of the online subsystem, including:

  • Authentication
  • Steam support
  • Sessions
  • Multiplayer
  • Presence
  • Parties, friends and invites
  • User Info
  • Stats
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards