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Version: 2021.09.03

Example Projects

Available example projects#

We offer multiple example projects, so you can use the right example for your project:

Example project features#

Currently the example projects cover:

  • Logging users in
  • Session management (including creating, finding, joining and destroying sessions)
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Updating presence status
  • Parties, invites and friends
  • Looking up other users by ID or display name
  • Uploading stats
  • Viewing achievements
  • Viewing leaderboards

The following features are currently only in the blueprint example projects. You can access these features from C++, we just don't have them in the C++ example yet:

  • Lobbies
  • Displaying player avatars
  • Accessing files stored in Player Data Storage
  • Accessing files stored in Title Storage

Downloading the example projects#

You can download all the example projects by cloning the repository from GitLab. Once you've cloned the repository, follow the instructions in the appropriate files for the example you are using.

We're aware of an issue when first building the C++ example projects with the plugin installed via the Epic Games Launcher. Instead of double-clicking on the .uproject file, you will need to right-click โ†’ Generate Visual Studio project files and then build & run the project from Visual Studio.