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Version: 4.24

Online Purchase Subsystem

This API reference documents what methods and events are supported by Online Subsystem Blueprints. For full documentation on this API, refer to the Unreal Engine documentation.

Need to use a method or event that's not currently supported? Please reach out to support.

Supported Events#

EventSupported?Unreal Engine DocsParameters
OnUnexpectedPurchaseReceipt✔Detailsconst FUniqueNetId& UserId

Supported Functions#

FunctionSupported?Unreal Engine DocsParameters
IsAllowedToPurchase✔Detailsconst FUniqueNetId& UserId
Checkout Detailsconst FUniqueNetId& UserId
const FPurchaseCheckoutRequest& CheckoutRequest
const FOnPurchaseCheckoutComplete& Delegate
FinalizePurchase✔Detailsconst FUniqueNetId& UserId
const FString& ReceiptId
RedeemCode Detailsconst FUniqueNetId& UserId
const FRedeemCodeRequest& RedeemCodeRequest
const FOnPurchaseRedeemCodeComplete& Delegate
QueryReceipts✔ 🕔Detailsconst FUniqueNetId& UserId
bool bRestoreReceipts
GetReceipts Detailsconst FUniqueNetId& UserId
TArray<FPurchaseReceipt>& OutReceipts
FinalizeReceiptValidationInfo✔ 🕔Detailsconst FUniqueNetId& UserId
FString& InReceiptValidationInfo